Happy go lucky

I finally finished watching Top of the Lake tonight with Gav, who had watched the first episode then declared it one of my “grim TV shows”. I don’t think the last episode changed his mind. Looking back on some of my favourite TV shows of late, I can’t say he’s wrong….


I’m usually a big suspender of disbelief in movies/TV, I don’t try to analyse it much, or predict the next story arc, or try to solve the case in mysteries, but this show was the exception to the rule (I was wrong – no spoilers). And what’s not to love about David Tennant?

The Killing (Forbrydelsen)

You know I love Scandi crime right? It must be something in the air because they produce some brilliant crime TV. I’ve seen all three seasons and loved them all. The Americans naturally had to try their hand, I saw half an episode and gave up. Rubbish.

The Returned (Les Revenants)

This French series really got under my skin. Was thinking about it for WEEKS. Apparently the similar US show is based on different source material so isn’t really a remake, but meh, American remakes of Euro shows…

The Bridge (Broen/Bron)

I freaking LOVE this show. Both seasons have been incredible, and Saga Noren is one of the best female characters on telly in a long time. Again, I haven’t seen the US/Mexico version, but unlike the Killing, I’m open to it as I’ve heard it’s OK. The UK/French version starts on ABC1 this weekend. I ‘ll check it out.

The Fall

Possibly the grimmest of the lot (serial killer) but utterly riveting. And I am such a sucker for a Belfast accent.

It wasn’t recent, but Gav has never forgiven me for taking him to see the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the cinema. I hadn’t told him much about it other than it was based on a book that I’d liked (this isn’t unusual in our relationship, often we just say to the other “we’re going to the movies to see x” “OK”). Most of the cinema were older people and I think he expected something like a Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. He turned to me in shock about 10 minutes in and whispered “what have you brought me to?!?!?”. Still makes me laugh.

The common element to all of these is obviously that they’re European. We tried our Antipodean hand at it with Secrets and Lies, but even with being set in the most depressing state in the country (*snickers*), it wasn’t really up to my exacting standards. Still, Top of the Lake proves that if you get the right people involved, and I suspect, keep the wrong people at arms length, good depressing drama can be made this side of the equator.

(In case you’re worried about me, I do watch other stuff. Parks and Recreation is a huuuuge favourite of mine, not least because I, Gav and most of our extended family work for local governments. Ron Swanson is my hero)



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