Library at the dock


Day off today, so I headed down to Melbourne’s newest library in Docklands, where I got a personal tour from an ex-colleague who is lucky enough to work there (so jealous). Now, excuse me while I geek out over the shiny new library 🙂

(Side note: I have never spent much time in Docklands, how easy is it to ride a bike round the area? Amazeballs)

First up, I had John Safran read me a story:



Aaaand you can borrow an iPad (but not to take home unfortunately):



I love the black shelving, but I reckon one or two of my colleagues would *hate* them. Every *single* book/DVD/magazine etc in the collection is BRAND NEW. I have all the jealous feelings.



There is a lot of seating along the northern side of the building, which has great views over Docklands to the western end of the city. I can vouch for the comfy-ness of the chairs too. The southern side of the ground floor can be opened right up to the square and playground outside, which I can only imagine would rock in summer.







The kids area is predictably amazing.



Beats my current office view (which is of a brick wall).



Macs! IN A PUBLICLY FUNDED INSTITUTION! The library also have their own dedicated IT team. As my colleague said to me, “stuff actually gets done”. Naw, IT, you know I love you….

On the top floor there is also a proper theatre, recording studio and two music rehearsal rooms (all soundproof). And the obligatory 3D printer. If you’re a dab hand at table tennis, you can also have a game in the astroturfed room. Apparently the ceiling retracts as well (not such a grand idea in mid June).





The non-fiction is arranged thematically, rather than strict Dewey order, and the two most important areas (cooking and sewing) get my double thumbs up!



Local heritage interactive tables:



I understand that there is a big buzz about the building itself (Melbourne City Council has a reputation for interesting architecture when it gets the chance), but don’t ask me about that, I’m a librarian, not an architect. I leave that aspect to Gav. All I can say is it looks pretty.


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