Baby steps

As previously confessed, my sewing storage currently amounts to this….


I don’t like it. Gav hates it. I do like to be organised in general (I am a librarian after all). The situation isn’t helped that I have to pack everything into this corner when I’ve finished sewing for the day – I sew at a desk under the window, which is lovely, but I also live spitting distance from one of the main routes from the city to the docks and a lot of heavy traffic goes through our neighbourhood, which means everything within 2 feet of the window gets covered in a fine sprinkling of…black stuff.

There’s not a lot I can do about it in the short term – tubs and boxes are a bit of a bandaid solution, and we’re renters. We might investigate more useful storage-like furniture in the future, but it’s not a financial priority (can we all say FIRST HOLIDAY IN THREE YEARS!!!).

My pattern situation in particular is paining me, so I went to a horrible mega retailer (I know, I know, but what am I supposed to do when none of the local small guys actually stock what I want. A grumble for another post perhaps) and got myself one of these babies:


All my patterns and the manuals for my machines take up about half of it at present, but I can see a future where I have one each for dresses, skirts, tops etc.


OK, so it’s a tiny improvement, but I’m clocking it up as a win.



Until I can get me something like this:


One response to “Baby steps

  1. I totally understand about the organizational part of sewing! My stuff is piled on top of a bakers rack in no discernible order and it drives me bananas!

    A clutter free, cute and functional workspace? It would be a dream come true!

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