New Look 6106

Explorer socks. Because winter.

Explorer socks. Because winter.

This is my new favourite me-made item of clothing.

New Look 6106, View C straight out of the packet in a black denim with the following minor alterations:

  • My usual 45 degree waist darts
  • 6 inches off the bottom hem (or add 3 inches to the other views, whichever way you’d rather look at it)

When I was working on this at Social Sewing a few months ago, I had a whole conversation about adding belt loops. Not for a belt you understand, but to hang my work keys off (I loathe lanyards more than words could ever say). Suggestions were made, different methods assessed, decision made on how to do it…then I went home and completely forgot about it. So no belt loops (I’ve been attaching my keys to the pocket edge. It’s OK), but I’ll definitely be putting them on future makes.



Look! No gape!

Look! No gape!

Because I will most definitely be making more of these. I’m thinking one in a wool for winter, and a few cotton ones…the list goes on.

The fit is *perfect*. I’ve worn it all day (like, 7am to midnight all day) a few times and it’s comfy all day. The length is pretty much exactly where I want all my skirts to be (knees, we hates them). It DOES NOT RIDE UP. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to not have to pull the thing down every time I get up. The skirt has the right amount of flare to allow for the bottom shelf at work and for my purposeful striding. I do like to stride purposefully.




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