To do list: 15 things I want to do

(in no particular order)

Finish off the Holiday Shorts.

All dark colours, all the time.

Read City of Heavenly Fire.

Take this pile of clothes to the op shop.


Take this pile of DVDs to Cash Converters.


Research a new bike, any hot tips well received (tax return can not come soon enough).

List my old overlocker on Ebay.

Try to sort out a better way to organise this.


Ride more. Just do it, as they say.

Watch the last episode of Top of the Lake (I watched 5 of 6 two weekends ago and haven’t had time since).

Go and see The Fault in Our Stars.

Choose a restaurant (fancy!) for our anniversary dinner.

Stop eating horrible processed snacks (actually that’s more of a goal, but a daily challenge).

Get a haircut. I seem to rocking the shaggy dog ‘do of late.

IMG_0947Go to the dentist – only a checkup, but I have “issues” with the dentist. Le sigh.

(via Mel)


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