Good Food and Wine Show 2014

*Blows dust and cobwebs off the blog*

I love food shows and last went to the GF&WS in Brisvegas a few years ago but hadn’t been since (no idea why), so I was chuffed to get some free tickets from Thanh to head off to the Melbourne show yesterday.

Sadly I was working yesterday morning and other plans for the rest of the weekend meant that Gav and I were there in the afternoon, along with the rest of Melbourne, which put a bit of a dampener on things. Crowds. More on that later.

But first, STASH.




Robinvale Estate olive oils – Murray Gold and Garlic. I’ve bought both of these a few times before and quite enjoy them, especially the garlic oil. Had there been fewer¬†freeloaders at the stall I might have tasted some others and bought more but them’s the breaks. This lot should get me up to the Melbourne Show, where I’ll probably buy more.





Candied cashews and macadamias. De rigueur (or is that cliche?) for food events. Whatevs, they’re yum.




Smoked sea salt. The precise uses for this are yet to become clear to me but OMG it’s delicious.





These were teeny tiny biscuits from a “French food” stall with shabby chic accents. Not really my thing, as I thought the flavours were too strong and a little artificial, but Gav loved them. This stall had something called “milk jam”, which I approached with glee kind of expecting something like a dulche de leche and came away from a taste feeling rather discombobulated. Just. Weird.







Proper, good butter from the Myrtleford Butter Factory. Another product I’ve had and enjoyed before so made sure I picked some up. Also my only purchase in the Cheese Alley (refer to below grumble).




These yoghurts were free, and who doesn’t like free stuff? The other two flavours are plum, and passsionfruit? I think. Gav ate this one (I’m not a mango fan) and said nice things.





SMOKED GARLIC. This stuff smells AMAZING (from the same stall as the smoked salt). I have plans. Probably also involving the butter.

Not a bad haul. I was quite surprised at Gav’s restraint, there were no smallgoods purchased (and believe me, there was a LOT of smallgoods to choose from).

My usual gripe about these sorts of events is the crowds. Not so much the amount of people, more the high proportion of idiots who have no idea how to act in a large gathering of people (like facing the way your body is moving). Also these events tend to attract the type of people who barge about the place getting samples with no intention of purchasing anything. This was particularly noticeable in the cheese alley, though I assume it was a similar situation at the wine tasting stalls (I don’t drink wine so these hold no interest for me). I was quite prepared to spend up big on some good cheese but, ugh, people.

Anyway, my advice for these things is go early. But maybe that’s because I wake up at 6am every day.

Oh, and it’s BlogJune again, if you hadn’t guessed the reason for my sudden posting again. Con is the keeper of the 2014 list.


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