Biting off more than I can chew

Or, why Ebay is evil/awesome.

I first used an overlocker at my beginners sewing class when we still lived on the Gold Coast, about 2 years ago. We really only used it then for seam finishes, and to be honest the price of a new one always made me go into heart palpitations so I never really gave much thought to getting one.

But now and again I’d think it would be nice to have one, and talking to Helen at October Social Sewing planted a bit of a seed and I found myself thinking about it more and more, so I set up an Ebay watch list and left it in the hands of the universe. I set myself a limit, got hopelessly outbid on one, and to my surprise, won the auction on this one:

Pretty. And terrifying.

Pretty. And terrifying.

I had to track down the manual online, and it doesn’t have a case, but the lovely lady who sold it to me swears black and blue it was serviced about a year ago and has rarely been used since she inherited it from her mum (for $80, I’m choosing to believe her). It came already threaded with white, but most of my clothing is dark (like my soul?) so I wanted to rethread it with some grey.

Cue panic.

The manual I tracked down (from the manufacturer I might add) is a dodgy photocopied version and isn’t all that clear anyway so for a while I just stared at it and tried to will a threading miracle. Eventually I noticed that the whole thing is colour coded, and even without numbers, I figured it out eventually. Some minor fiddling with tension dials later and I give you The Overlocker That Could.



I have no huge plans for it just yet, though I suspect 2014 will be the Year of the Knit. Let the experiments begin!


2 responses to “Biting off more than I can chew

  1. I’m in strong support of (1) over locker acquisition and (2) re-threading via willing it to do so. You should have tweeted that part; I would have willed along with you!

  2. Yay for overlockers! My nana lent me her one from the 90s (or maybe it was 80s?) and it works great! I’d only buy a newer one if I wanted to do coverstitch (I just twin needle it), the older ones are fine for plain overlocking. I threaded mine with black and don’t change it for lighter coloured fabrics, it takes forever to thread up!

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