Sewjo is back!

Oh what’s that? You mean I actually *finished* something?


Pom poms, anyone?

There’s nothing quite like actually being able to go to Social Sewing for once to give a boost to one’s sewjo.

Managed to get this together on Saturday in the company of some fantastic fellow sewers. Such a pleasure.

Look! Finished project!

Look! Finished project!

It’s the yoked version of the Craftsy A-Line skirt. I think I might put some patch pockets on it too. I am pretty pleased with it (don’t be looking too closely, there is a bit of dodgy topstitching going on). The fabric is a cotton/spandex remnant from GJs that cost me all of $10 as I recall. Oanh tells me it’s a hibiscus print, and I’m glad she knew, cause I just would have said “plant”.


It’s slightly too big.

I think this is due to a few things:

  • It’s a drafted pattern, and I tend to make these things a little bigger than they actually need to be, just in case. I mean, you don’t want something to be too tight, do you?
  • The fabric’s got a bit of stretch in it (in fact, it’s the first stretch I’ve worked with).
  • I drafted the pattern about 4 weeks ago, and in the time since, I have lost a *teency* bit of weight.

So little things, but in combination it’s resulted in the skirt being quite loose around the waist.  I have an interesting waist to hip ratio which means every single skirt or pair of pants I own gapes at the waist. One of the aims of sewing my own clothes is hopefully to learn how to fix this highly annoying bugbear.

It’s perfectly wearable, and I’m looking forward to trotting it out now that the weather is (sadly) warming up. I hate summer, have I said that once, twice, ad nauseam?  But I think I will have to take it in the next weekend I have free.


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