The Plan

So BlogJune. Where I drove myself mad posting nearly every day then completely lost my mojo. Who’d have thunk it? (Answer: Everyone). Haven’t blogged since and Oh! Look! It’s September.

Some other things happened, too. New job (most awesome), I did a thing that kinda wrecked my feet for three weeks and various dramatic and exciting family stuff. And then two weeks ago I executed a spectacular fall down the stairs at my place, badly spraining my ankle, bruising my tailbone and prompting my back to say ENOUGH and almost completely give out.  Apparently I use my back, and not my legs and butt, for EVERYTHING and this is a PROBLEM and I have to spend craploads of money at the physio to “strengthen my core”. Or something.

Amongst all this, my sewing has completely fallen away.  And I feel like every time I put on my cheap-arse Target work pants I am saying “I am OK with this”. And I’m so not.

So, with some wholesale plagiarism from Oanh, I give you The Plan:

Skirts: I want them. Lots of them. With pocketses (and belt loops if they’re going to be work skirts). I’ve been told that my work has the traditional completely unreliable aircon system in summer and I am NOT going to be sweating away in pants for months so this is a huge motivator. I am STILL working on my Simplicity WIP, but want to crack open my Hollyburn pattern and I’m sure there are more out there for work and play.

“Blouses”: I say this in inverted commas because what I actually mean is “tops that are more than a tshirt but less than a dress shirt”. My industry is not particularly formal but I have a lot of “proper shirts” in my work wardrobe and I always feel like a bit of a douche wearing them. Will be really searching for patterns on that front.

The Dress: Kinda to get over my irrational fear of fitting a bodice, but also my sister is getting married early next year. One thing I never want to do again if I can help it is that desperate shop for a special occasion outfit and coming home close to tears because A) I don’t like anything in the shops; and B) even if I did it never fits anyway. The plan is between now and then I get my skills up on some dresses that can double for work duty and then work up a proper finished job for the big day. The main contenders at the moment are the Cambie and the Anna.

Pants/shorts: More out of curiosity than anything else, as I’ve never made any before. I guess I should probably start with PJs. I would like a few pairs of shorts for summer that aren’t denim cause WHY DO WE WEAR DENIM IN SUMMER?

Jackets: This is going to be the Final Hurdle, I suspect. Am happy to put this on the backburner until I’ve ticked off all of the above. Maybe for next winter?

First step: some serious fabric splurging. I really need to explore more of Melbourne’s fabric options beyond Spotlight. I have been to Tessuti’s and loved it (ALL THE PRETTYS) but never been able to justify getting anything other than remnants…

You don’t mind holding me to that, do you internet? Cause you’re the one that’s going to keep me honest.


One response to “The Plan

  1. Yay! A plan!

    This is my third go trying to comment because wordpress keeps doing something silly.

    In brief: Maria Denmark’s Yasmine Yoke Skirt & Sewaholic’s Alma!

    Boo bad back but YAY most awesome new job.

    Good luck with the plan. I shall ask you how you’re getting on with it, if you do me the same courtesy 🙂

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