Questions of travel

(This post inspired by Steph)

Firstly, this is not a post about the novel that last week won the Miles Franklin award. I haven’t read it, and the borrowers at my library are all over anything that’s won something so the waiting list is loooong and I won’t be reading it any time soon. I’m sure it’s awesome.

I’ve noticed at work that the travel guidebook shelves are looking pretty bare, particularly in areas that are having somewhat more pleasanter and warmer weather than us Melbournites right now. You’d be hard pressed to find an available guidebook on Paris right now for example.

Our last holiday was 4 days in Singapore last year, which was rather spur of the moment (for us) when Scoot Airlines launched in Australia with $100 fares. It was great but 4 days is not really a holiday. Before that, our last holiday was waaaaay back in 2008/09, when we took 7 weeks off and traipsed around central Europe and Japan.

I’d say that means I’m overdue, wouldn’t you?

Gav has never been to the UK, and we have some very good friends there, so it’s looking like a frontrunner for the next big trip. A very old, very dear friend of mine lives in Helsinki so we’d be seeing him too.

Not surprisingly, the local food forms a big part of the attraction of where to go. For that reason, as I mentioned previously, Penang is pretty high on the wishlist. I’m kinda keen to check out somewhere in the Middle East too. Funnily enough, both of these would fit in very nicely as stopovers (I’m really not very good at 36 hours straight travel).

Sadly, in the short term, I’ll have to settle for the regular long weekend in Canberra catching up with our home town peeps next month. As an aside, I haven’t been in Canbrrrr in the true depths of winter since we left 10 years ago. I’m scared. I’ve gone soft. We visited in May some years ago and I nearly froze to death.

Where would you like to jet off to?

Musée du Louvre



One response to “Questions of travel

  1. I just went back to Canada, as I was definitely due for a visit. Aside from a family-and-friends vacation, I’d like to go to New Zealand. Everyone tells me it’s beautiful.

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