I am a lot of things right now

Angry.  That our media continue to focus on schoolyard gossip rather than policy. Just the shit that the Prime Minister (whatever you may think of her government, and most of what I think about her government is not favourable) has had to deal with day after day, the vast majority of which would never be thrown at a male PM. That the Labor party seems hell bent on handing an election victory to the LNP on a platter as long as they can slash and burn political opponents in their own party along the way.

Scared. I am genuinely scared for the coming years if what is likely to happen in September eventuates. Much more than I ever was under Howard.

Disappointed. That our “leaders” are showing anything but leadership. That what has happened in the political landscape since the Gillard government came into power is one hell of a disincentive for intelligent, compassionate humans to enter politics to represent us.

Thats about all I can articulate at the moment. Feeling the feels.


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