My trip to work is about an hour door to door. I do listen to music some of that time (it’s the only thing that will drown the school kids out in the afternoon), but I generally prefer podcasts.

The ones I’m listening to now…

BBC Radio 4 I listen to a couple from the good old beeb. I’ve been listening to the Food Programme for ages now. There’s plenty of light and humorous stuff in there, but they’re not afraid to challenge authority on topics like food labelling or school dinners. I’ve recently started listening to both their Books and Authors and Cook the Perfect… I think I’ll keep up with the book one but the jury is still out on the cooking one. It’s quite short and quite broad, and I think I’m more interested in stories.

RRR FM (best radio station in the world IMHO) have heaps but I really only listen to the weekly Breakfasters wrap up. I often have the radio on in the morning but I don’t always pay attention while I’m getting ready for work so this is great. I’ll periodically dip into Eat It and the Architects, but I don’t subscribe to them.

KCRW is a community radio station based in Los Angeles, similar to RRR as far as I can tell. They have a great Good Food show (skip the first 6-7 minutes as that is a local guide to farmers markets). I admit it took a bit of commitment early on to get used to the hosts very strong US accent, but I’m OK with it now.

The Guardian puts out a books podcast which is in depth discussion on one genre or author. Great if that’s what you’re in to, or time to vague out and stare out the window if it isn’t.

Library Chat, by Corin, is a new-ish addition of exactly that, chatting about libraries. Corin’s managed to get some big hitters in so far and the discussion has been really quite interesting.

I’ve just added a sewing podcast, Thread Cult to the list, have only listened to one but so far, so good.

I loved the old Radio National Book Show hosted by Ramona Koval, which was daily (I think, or at least 3 x a week), but that got the axe last year and the book content got wedged into a generic arts program. I still think this has left a huge hole in books and reading information, in Australia at least.

I used to listen to the Monocle podcast, which is a broad design, world affairs, sustainability and culture mix but I went off it a bit. It has a mainly European focus (except when the hosts would go off on loooong K-Pop tangents) and the accents are dead sexy.

There used to be a great library one, Adventures in Library Instruction, which wound up last year as I guess the three presenters had other demands on their time.

Where are all the music podcasts? I suspect there are licensing issues that prevent broadcasting in that medium but I’d love to hear if you have any new music shows…

What are your favourites?


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