Cooking the books

I’ve been inspired by Penny to put my cookbook collection out there for all to see.

20130616-185517.jpgFor as much as I am obsessed with cooking and eating, I really don’t have a huge collection, in fact, it has been weeded quite heavily over the years. I appear to have a British celebrity chef obsession with multiples of Jamie, Nigella and Nigel.

I rarely buy cookbooks these days – I find that very few focus on what I want, which is mostly vegetarian dinner meals. I’m not a vegetarian, but apart from a semi-annual roast, our weekly seafood dinner and Christmas, I don’t often cook meat, and most mainstream cookbooks make a token effort on that front. Usually I end up borrowing cookbooks and magazines from work and photocopying the few recipes that interest me. One reasonably recent purchase that’s got an awful lot of use is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Veg Every Day, which is an excellent book if meat free eating is your thing.

The absolute classic is Nigella Lawson’s How To Eat. I love this book more than I can express. As well as having recipes for most “classic” things, the writing is exquisite and I periodically just curl up on the couch and read it. Nigel Slater is another cook that I can just read like this (the Kitchen Diaries and Tender are favourites), but I don’t own those ones.

The workhorse is the binder on the top right shelf. All those clippings and copies go initially into the black folder to the right of the binder, then once I make them a few times and like them, they get scrapbooked into the binder.

And Margaret Fulton for Christmas. Naturally.



2 responses to “Cooking the books

  1. I love Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Veg Every Day! I’m thinking about doing a cookbook post now too…

  2. I do like Nigella and Nigel’s stuff. Haven’t really had much to do with the Jamie thing – I should check it out.

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