Monday Meme

Courtesy of Fi, again.

1. What is your name? Jackie
2. A four-letter word: Jack (I don’t care if you think that’s cheating…)
3. A vehicle: Jaguar (English racing green, of course)
4. A city: Johannesburg
5. A boy’s name (other than your own): Jackson (again, nearly cheating, but that is my nephew’s name)
6. A girl’s name (other than your own): Julia
7. Alcoholic drink: Jagermeister (never had it)
8. An occupation: Journalist (or dinosaur, depending on how you view the industry)
9. Something you wear: Jacket
10. A celebrity: Judi (well) Dench
11. A food: Jelly (don’t like it myself)
12. Something found in a bathroom: Jars of…stuff
13. Reason for being late: Jerks (on the train, on the roads, blocking the footpath, etc, take your pick)
14. Something you shout: Jesus!
15. An animal: Jaguar (getting value out of that one)
16. A body part: Jaw


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