Market day

As the visiting honorary housemate is a lover of all things second hand (sorry, vintage), she’s mad keen on getting round some markets when she visits so we duly set of for the Camberwell Sunday Market this morning. We all tend to go at different speeds at these things so I think we were separated within about three minutes, which must be a record.

My motive in tagging along to these things is less about the shopping and more about impromptu plays with other people’s dogs. Man, I want a dog.

I was hoping for some fabric sellers but there was no joy on that front, but I came away with a plate and some anodised cups. Anodised cups remind me of summer at my grandparents place in Adelaide cause they had heaps and we’d always fill them straight from the water tank in the backyard while we were hula hooping (they had quite a collection of them too) or terrorising the ducks.




I was also inspired to get some flowers and passed on the roses and carnations and got these strange (to me) cabbagey artichokey looking things. Gav thinks they’re hideous.

I’ve no idea what they are and I didn’t end up asking – any flowery people happen to know?


Oh, and fresh hot cinnamon doughnuts? Win over jam EVERY TIME.


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