Late shift Thursday

Late shift today, so I enjoyed a quasi day off, very shortly to be followed by a “crap, better get to work!” moment.

I had a really good run this morning, which pleased me greatly following what shall be known forevermore as Disaster Tuesday, when I could only run for 5 minutes before experiencing inexplicable calf pain. I could have run for another K or so but I have a 7K run scheduled in for the long weekend so didn’t want to completely tire myself out.

Brunch was at Fandango, one of maaaany fantastic cafes in my neighbourhood. Lovely staff, simple tasty food, and I got chatting to them about the very cool music they were playing.

Even on a post-run appetite I couldn't eat the whole thing.

Even on a post-run appetite I couldn’t eat the whole thing.

I started my muslin for the Simplicity 6128 I’ve been squirreling away at. It’s little tighter in the hips than I would like, and way too loose in the waist, so a bit of playing with darts etc is called for. Not too sure how much to adjust as the fabric I’ve got for the final version has a wee bit of stretch in it. Another day.


I shall leave you with one of the bands I was talking with the Fandango staff about, Real Estate.


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