Book review – The Mortal Instruments


I like quite a bit of YA fiction – I tend to go through phases where I read heaps then don’t touch any for months. My tastes in YA tend to run towards either contemporary or distopian rather than fantasy (I think insipid “creature romances” like the Twilight or Vampire Diaries series have a lot to answer for…). John Green and David Levithan are particular favourites and I *loved* the Hunger Games series.

A chat with a colleague who is a devourer of all things YA pointed me in the direction of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. She had to do some serious convincing, because not only is it full of vampires and werewolves, but it also has a whopping great endorsement from Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) on the front cover. My dubiousness was at a high level, but I decided to give it a go.


Yes, there are vampires and werewolves countless other demons and the main characters are a sort of human-angel hybrid demon-hunting race, but it’s actually really good. The characters are really well written and the dialogue is quite snappy. The plot of City of Bones is nothing we haven’t seen before – seemingly normal girl is thrown into a world she never knew existed with an evil protagonist trying to kill her and her friends but it chugs along quite nicely.


I’ve just finished the second instalment, City of Ashes, which while still having the great elements of the first book, does get bogged down in “middle book” blah ness. There are some pretty huge hints that something all the characters hold to be true in fact isn’t, and I’m not sure how long the author can string it out before it gets revealed and everyone gets their OMG moment.

City of Bones has been made into a movie that comes out…sometime, which from the looks of the trailer seems quite exciting so I’ll be checking that out, and I’ve just started reading the third instalment, City of Glass.


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