Fighting the urge to just get on with it

Let me tell you a story.  During my beginning sewing classes, I was having a moment of frustration fitting a skirt and had a mini-tanty. Over came Luda, the instructor and offered to help me fix it.  Out came the measuring tape and she began to take a few fine measurements. Then she paused. “Oh” she said. Measured some more.  More “Oh’s”.  “Did you know you’re about 5 different sizes across your body?”.

Not in so many words, but yes. Basically, I have short legs, wide hips, long body, big bust, tiny shoulders etc.  Which is exactly why shopping for ready to wear clothes drives to me distraction because nothing fits. And *precisely* why I’m on this sewing journey.

I’ve learned that it is a seriously good idea in the long run to muslin all my clothing projects, especially while I’m still at this beginner stage. Better to take my time fiddling with adjustments with calico then with some expensive suiting.

The latest project on my sewing to-do list is Simplicity 6128, a reasonably straightforward skirt. I’ve decided to not only muslin it, but to trace the pattern as well.  This way, if I end up having to base my pattern on a different size I haven’t cut the corner off with the first size. That, and if I want to make it again, it’s a bit easier to have the original intact.

Mmmm canned legumes...

A little bit of work that will hopefully help in my ongoing quest to have a wardrobe of perfectly fitting garments.  I’ve traced and cut out all the pieces I need (I don’t really need to muslin a patch pocket), now onto stage two!

Ready to muslin


3 responses to “Fighting the urge to just get on with it

  1. I ALWAYS trace my patterns too. I just can’t bring myself to cut up the original! What if I need to make one in a different size or alter the pattern? Nice job!

  2. I enjoy the tracing part – it makes me feel artistic (I know, delusional, but hey.). Also, it helps me to “get” the pattern and what I’m meant to do. Haven’t had to do may alterations, yet, but I’m very impressed with the muslining!

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