Lemon curd

During the week I came across a recipe for mandarin curd. While I don’t actually like mandarins, it did put me in the mind for some classic lemon curd. Later on I posted this on Twitter:


Turns out I’m not the only one who likes lemon curd. Who’d have thunk it?

I had rather a full on (but lovely) day on Saturday so it wasn’t until today that I came good on my threat. This is largely because we woke up to next to no water pressure in the apartment and cooking is pretty much the only thing that can take a thunderous mood into something more pleasant.

A bit of zesting, juicing, whisking, a double boiler and a bit of patience and I have one hell of a lot of lemon curd.  Excuse me while I retire to the couch.




7 responses to “Lemon curd

  1. I am making lime curd tomorrow! I just got the other ingredients today to go with limes a friend gave me last weekend!

  2. I love getting a load of lemons as that means lemon curd too :). It makes for a lovely gift too!

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