Breaking the scones hoodoo

According to some people, I can successfully cook some complicated dishes. Souffle? Piece of cake. Flambe? Got it covered. But my entire cooking life has been overshadowed by one of the simplest things in the repertoire.


Over the years, I’ve tried them all. Traditional, lemonade method, sweet scones, savoury scones. Without fail, they would turn out like big, flat biscuits. Not un-tasty, but most definitely not scones. I can’t really blame the ovens I’ve had in various rental properties over the years either, cause I have zero problems with any other dish.

Sad face.

Anyhoo, I came across a CWA cookbook at work the other day (it’s a very serious occupational hazard) and got all inspired to try some real-life, prize-winning scones. I figured if the CWA can’t get me baking nice scones, there really is no help for me.

While slightly dubious about the recipe (I’d never heard of hot water in a scone recipe before), I persevered, mixed (with a knife, not too hard), lightly kneaded, formed and whacked them in the oven with my fingers well and truly crossed.


Freshly baked goodness

Freshly baked goodness

I dared to peek about halfway through the cooking and almost squealed with delight. They were rising! And looked like scones! When I pulled them out I had to have a little dance around the kitchen cause they looked fan.tas.tic. And, bes tof all, they tasted just as good as they looked!

Scones + jam + cream = happy Jackie.



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