Chickens protect my sewing machine

I love where we live. I love our apartment, the neighbourhood, the way that I can be in the heart of the CBD in 5 minutes. And while we don’t live right on the main freight route from the CBD to the west (and therefore the ports), we’re just off it. Yes, this means traffic noise (which I actually don’t think is that bad, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it), but it also means a lot of dust and general muck makes its way into the apartment through the windows.  Anything within 3-4 feet of the windows has a fine dusting at any point in time, and that is where my sewing corner is.

Yes, I could close the windows, but I am a stickler for fresh air.

Since we moved in last year, every time I’ve gotten my machine out, I’ve had to spend half an hour making sure all the gunk is out of all the infinite nooks and crannies. My machine has a hard case, but sadly there is a gap where the handle comes through it, so it’s not much good at being a barrier.

It's like a written invitation for crap particles

It’s like a written invitation for crap particles

Solution? Make myself a little non-permeable cover.

Off to Spotlight I go, and as there’s never any staff around, I have to hunt around for something. I thought I’d end up with oilcloth or maybe PVC, but they had some vinyl backed something or other for tabletops in a limited range of truly hideous patterns.

I drafted myself a simple pattern, and put it together only for it to be too short, as I really wanted to cover to run to the floor. Never fear, round two involved basically sticking a 5cm hem around the bottom.

Try getting in there, dust!

Try getting in there, dust!

Look at that poultry delight!

Some of the stitches are a bit wonky and I ran out of bobbin thread about 2cms from finishing the final seam. Did I thread another bobbin just for that? Don’t be silly. It probably won’t last forever, but it does the job.


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