Birthday baking day

The birthday tradition at my work is that everyone has a “cake buddy”, who provides the birthday cake (either purchased or home made). My turn as cake giver came round in April, but due to various stuffit’s only now that both I and the birthday girl are around to celebrate.

What, you didn’t think I would go out and buy a cake, did you?

The birthday girl requested a black forest cake, and I like to give people what they want, so that’s what I made.  It just so happens that black forest is one of my favourite cakes as well.

Given the number of my colleagues, and the fact that two cakes are always better than one, I decided to break out the old moulds for some orange and almond cupcakes . Plus, there’s a few of my coworkers that are gluten intolerant, so this way, everyone gets something.

The orange cupcakes are the type where you boil oranges for a few hours then pulverise them into a almond meal batter, which has the lovely effect of making your kitchen smell like an orange orchard. Believe it or not I haven’t done an awful lot of cake baking in our new place since we moved in last year so I’m still coming to an understanding of how hot (or not) it actually is.  The cupcakes got a bit more browned than I would have liked before they were cooked but that’s what icing is there to hide, right?

Iced cupcakes

As a side note, on a daily basis the rather limited size of my kitchen doesn’t really bother me, but on days like today when I’m making multiple things at once…sigh. At least it’s in an open plan living area and not a boxy little room (which we’ve lived in before).

Yep. Squishy.

The black forest recipe, which I’ve made a number of times, is a fairly straightforward chocolate sponge, just tizzied up with extras (cherries, cream, chocolate). I can’t speak to its authenticity, but it’s pretty damm tasty and hasn’t let me down yet. I subbed in some brandy for the kirsch only because going out to the bottle shop seemed a bit too much like effort.

I can’t help but think that I really should make this in summer, when fresh cherries are at their best. As fine as a jar of sour cherries is, fresh ones would just make this ah-maz-ing.

Black forest goodness


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